All watches purchased from Fleur De Lis Watch come with a 60 month manufacturers warranty, valid from your date of purchase.

This warranty covers material production defects concerning the watch, strap and movement. It does not cover damage caused through misuse/physical force, or normal wear and tear.

Your warranty will be rendered void if any attempts are made to repair or modify your timepiece without prior consent from us.

If you have an issue with your timepiece, please contact us first to discuss the issue.

The Fleur De Lis Watch Warranty does not cover:

  • Defects and damages due to loss, theft, fire, water, or a natural disaster
  • Failure or damage caused by improper use, carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal/glass, etc.), or accidents
  • Failure or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification
  • Esthetical changes, defects, and damages due to normal wear and tear and aging (e.g. minor scratches on the case and/or crystal, altercation of the watchband and peeling of the plating, etc.)
  • Battery, wristband, crown, or crystal/glass
  • Watches where the serial number is missing or has been erased, altered, falsified, replaced, defaced, or made illegible.

Please set the time to 12:00 sharp and check that the crown is pushed in, completely, against the watch case for the Quartz movement. Wait 15 minutes to see if the minute hand has moved.

Just use the crown to wind it a few times, even if the movement is automatic, and it should restart without any problem

If this does not resolve the issue, kindly contact us and we will be happy to assist you.